Mission & Vision


To build strong foundation for budding engineers by offering the students basic engineering courses and academic counselling and making them identify opportunities to increase individual and social results through resource rich and innovative learning.


To impart academic excellence; To identify and mentor competencies in students; To inculcate leadership and team spirit among students; To develop sense of group behaviour & cooperative problem solving; To enrich physical strength and stamina of students



  • Continuous improvement in University results through regular assessment of faculties and aptitudes 
  • Inculcating a sense of understanding among the students as to the capacities in which they are interested and have better analytical skills 
  • Inspiring the students to understand the importance of team building for more intensive classroom and project sessions in higher semesters 
  • Making the students better appreciate the tools of engineering for more aggressive work atmosphere once they are employed in the industry 
  • Encouraging students develop an aptitude for group behaviour which may help them in professional life


  • Introducing the students to the fundamentals of engineering and basic applied sciences
  • Increasing the core tendencies of students through Problem based learning approach and Value Addition Programmes
  • Confirming that the students relate themselves with the importance of Business Club Activities 
  • Ensuring that the students actively participate in the Self Learning Session activities
  • Boosting the students to take up the Weekly Sports Activities with maximum possible enthusiasm and strength